Where am I? 


What am I thinking about?

I’m thinking about introversion and my social circle. I used to be a person who needed a lot of friends (or friendcquaintances). I have changed in the past year and enjoy spending more time with my partner and our close friends.

My thoughts on this are around boundaries I have with my time and social engagements. What is too much social time and what is too little for me? What is me just not getting out of comfort zone?

What’s going on in my life?

  • I just finished 60 days at Automattic and am loving it. Read more here.
  • Health issues. My mom needs a kidney and I’ve had an emotional rollercoaster with this. I was approved to donate, but now have to see who else steps forward. I’d rather be backup for various reasons.
  • I’m diligently working with my sourdough starter. I am going to master sourdough. I continue to fail and that’s okay.
  • We’re headed to Montana (Missoula and Ovando!) to see my father in law. Montana is magical.