Home sweet home.

We’re headed home after visiting Los Angeles for a celebration of someone’s life and to visit family. A friend near and dear to our hearts passed; the world is a little less bright without Marna’s presence.

Nevertheless, we ventured to L.A. and back and I continued to seek beauty wherever I could find it. I snapped these two photos from our seats on the airplane. How gorgeous and how small we all are.

This is for you, Marna. A piece of beauty I’ll share in your honor.

The reason to eat ice cream.

There is only one reason to eat 99% of ice creams out there: rainbow sprinkles. The regular kind, not the nonpareils. Rainbow sprinkles make me smile. They make me giggle if I think about them for long enough. They’re a bit wild. All over the place in color, crunchy, but not that crunchy.

Mia, my niece, says sprinkles are absolutely yummy! She goes for chocolate on chocolate with a little bit more chocolate. Plus sprinkles. I go for sprinkles — rainbow only — with ice cream on the side. Truth be told, Mia subsists off of chocolate croissants, bagels and english muffins with butter, and hot chocolate. She is chocolate. I am the joy that is rainbow sprinkles.

Enough silliness for today. We’re off to enjoy Venice, CA!🍦


Mia’s love for chocolate led us to Blue Star Doughnuts where we found chocolate sprinkles. Similar, but different than the sprinkles above.

Here’s our Chocolate Editor in Chief:

D.C. in the rain.

I popped into D.C. for work and snapped this photo as I exited the cab to go to my hotel. For some reason, this photo is magical to me. It has a sense of wonder but also mystery.