A grey, grey day.

Darcy and I ran today at one of our favorite spots, Teller Farms. It was a very grey day and the snow flurries set in just as we finished. There is one tree on our run that always grabs my attention. It’s gnarly and gorgeous. It’s as if it’s reaching to the sky and has been for decades. Yet, still, it isn’t tired and hasn’t given up. The tree deserves a name. I’ll think of one.

Enjoy our morning run pics!

The reason to eat ice cream.

There is only one reason to eat 99% of ice creams out there: rainbow sprinkles. The regular kind, not the nonpareils. Rainbow sprinkles make me smile. They make me giggle if I think about them for long enough. They’re a bit wild. All over the place in color, crunchy, but not that crunchy.

Mia, my niece, says sprinkles are absolutely yummy! She goes for chocolate on chocolate with a little bit more chocolate. Plus sprinkles. I go for sprinkles — rainbow only — with ice cream on the side. Truth be told, Mia subsists off of chocolate croissants, bagels and english muffins with butter, and hot chocolate. She is chocolate. I am the joy that is rainbow sprinkles.

Enough silliness for today. We’re off to enjoy Venice, CA!🍦


Mia’s love for chocolate led us to Blue Star Doughnuts where we found chocolate sprinkles. Similar, but different than the sprinkles above.

Here’s our Chocolate Editor in Chief:

The view a quarter mile from my (new) house.

Breathtaking, right? We moved to Louisville, CO at the beginning of this month. Our home is at the start of an extensive trail system. This pond is across the street from us. Heaven!

We don’t do expensive.

My morning runs land me in front of cool art, ads, scenery and people. Going to start sharing some of what I see as I wander the world in my running shoes.

Carrier Hotel in Denver

I was on a date with my husband at Union Lodge and on our walk around downtown we came upon this beautiful building. It’s a carrier hotel. A carrier hotel is “is a type of data centre where equipment, space, and bandwidth are available for rental to retail customers.”