Learn to swim as a sport.

Eat pasta in Italy.

Own a vacation home, preferably on a lake.

Run a half marathon. Done! San Diego in 2011.

Rund a marthon. Done! Disney World Marathon, January 7, 2018.

Train in Muay Thai in Thailand. Done. Trained at a handful of gyms across Thailand in March 2012. I earned my trunks back in San Diego.

Build a house (with all of our crazy dream house specs).

Eat a croissant in France.

Get my Muay Thai Trunks. Done! San Diego Undisputed, 2013.

Go to Thailand and train at local gyms. Done. 2012.

Cycle from Pacific Northwest to L.A.

Visit Japan.

Visit Europe’s holiday markets.

Visit Hawaii. Done! January 2017.

Go paintballing.

Go to a natural hot spring.

Visit Germany.

Complete a NOLS program.

Learn and apply stats to my BI/data work.

Learn Python.

Play an instrument.

Go camping in CO with Darcy and Scott. We bought a VW Vanagon from one of my coworkers on 9/5/17. Onward and forward to year of comfy camping!

Eat at the Chef’s Table in Brooklyn Fare.

Learn SQL. Done at J. Crew in 2014. Thank you J. Crew!