Born in Jersey, grew up in Texarkana, TX. I’ve lived in San Diego, Boston, the Berkshires, and Brooklyn. I live in Denver now with my husband, Scott, and my dog, Darcy Buttersworth Wilson. We are a happy family.

For reasons I can’t explain, I like to organize and make sense of things. It doesn’t always work out; the world isn’t black and white. For the most part, though, this need to make sense of things pays off. In 2019, I intend to play more and discover more. I’ll bring the idea of play to work, to my friendships, my relationship with my partner, and to everyday life. There is no reason to take life so seriously. It can end at any second.

With that, here are some things I love:

  • running
  • yoga (Ashtanga, Kripalu, Bikram, Baron Baptiste…you name it, I’ve practiced it)
  • cooking (my husband and I love cooking together; see recipes here)
  • coffee (Gimme Coffee, Rockford Roasting Company, Heart Coffee)
  • the outdoors / stars / wind / nature’s beauty
  • sunshine
  • Scottie, my husband
  • vests
  • plain white t-shirts
  • fall
  • community and laughing with good friends
  • adventures
  • good, flavorful food
  • the movies

I’ve taken my enjoyment of making sense of the world by bucketing, categorizing, summarizing, and organizing into my work. I started out in digital marketing (consulting and in-house) and moved to data analysis and BI work when I relocated to New York City. I worked for J. Crew’s nascent Customer Insights team where we built their practice of analyzing their data from a customer and cross-channel (marketing and retail/online) perspective. I fell in love with SQL at J. Crew. I worked for, a young company with badass style and refreshing content, where I built their data practice from the ground up. I now work at Automattic.

Oh, and here is Darcy Buttersworth Wilson. You’re welcome.

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