Outside of finding a suitable (read: spacious) carry-on, TSA’s liquid requirements are the most challenging part of carrying-on. Travel size versions of beauty products only sometimes cut it. Either they have excessive packaging and are bulky or the product simply doesn’t come in travel size. Worse, you buy a travel size and it doesn’t last through your trip. Sad day.

Enter Nalgene’s low cost, leakproof bottles. These bottles are life-changing. I’ve traveled three weeks without running out of any product. At an average of $1 or $2 per bottle, these are an absolute steal. No more Ziplocs and odd size bottles. No more wondering if it’s TSA approved. Stick with the 2 oz. wide- and narrow-mouthed jars; they will carry you through your trip, trust me.

There are narrow- and wide-mouth bottles. I recommend the wide-mouth. They’re easier to clean. Presumably the narrow-mouth bottles are better for liquids like oils, however I’ve not found a significant benefit the narrow mouth.

Couple these with masking tape and a Sharpie and you’ll have customizable travel sized, leakproof containers that will last years.

Wide-Mouth jars Narrow-Mouth jars Travel Jars
Wide-Mouth.jpg Narrow Mouth.jpg Jars.jpg

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