Every time I throw away a paper towel, I see a part of a tree going into the trash. I love trees. They take a long time to grow and a short amount of time to destroy. So sad.

In an effort to reduce waste, we switched to reusable dish towels. They’re lint free and bleachable. I’ve tried two types…and both are, in fact, cloth diapers! Who knew!?

These are the ones I like. They don’t shrink in the wash. They retain their thickness after multiple washes. They don’t hold stains. They are absorbent. What’s not to love?

Do not buy the 3-ply ones. They shrink in the dryer. So disappointing.

I purchased two bins at Target, one for the clean ones and one for the dirty one. Once we get low on clean ones, I grab the dirty bin, wash, dry, and, voila, you’ve got clean towels and you’re giving a tree a hug.

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