When I lived in Brooklyn I fell in love with coffee. I’m picky. Super picky. Gimme Coffee at Lorimer and Grand opened my mind and tastebuds to a whole new world of warm bevvies.

I drink my coffee black. If I can’t drink it black, I don’t like it one bit.

My very uneducated description of the kinds of coffee I like is “not burnt.” 🙂 Starbucks, Lavazza, and your generic “we sell coffee but don’t know what type” coffee shop all sell burnt tasting coffee. Most coffee connoisseurs scoff at this description. I think it is an inclusive, comprehensive way to describe my preferences. I think, but have yet to confirm, that another way to say that I like not burned, clean tasting coffee is to say I like “bright” coffees or those that have high acidity or “sweetness.” Interestingly, in 90% of cases the coffees I like are from Africa, usually Ethiopia.

Thus far, here is my list of winners:

Gimme Coffee Honduras Capucas Mejia Familia

Gimme Coffee Kenya Rukira

Gimme Coffee Ethiopia Wotona Bultuma

Stumptown Ethiopia Mordecofe

And here is a table of these coffees. It’s my effort to discern what variables indicate that I’ll like a coffee. (Sorry, can’t load the table here so you have to click through to the spreadsheet.)


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