Re-blog: Data science is different now.

This is a great read that summarizes a lot of what I feel or sense has been happening in the data world and data job market. Enjoy these snippets:

Unfortunately, what has not changed is the mass media hype around the field of data science, which has trumpeted data scientist as the ‘sexiest career of the 21st century’ so many times, that there is now what I believe to be an important problem that we as a community need to talk about. That problem is an oversupply of junior data scientists hoping to enter the industry, and mismatched expectations on what they can hope to find once they do get that coveted title of “data scientist.”

First, let’s talk about the oversupply of junior data scientists…The second issue is that once these junior people get to the market, they come in with an unrealistic set of expectations about what data science work will look like. Everyone thinks they’re going to be doing machine learning, deep learning, and Bayesian simulations.

This is not their fault; this is what data science curriculums and the tech media emphasize. Not much has changed since I first glanced, starry-eyed, at Hacker News logistic regression posts many, many moons ago.

The reality is that “data science” has never been as much about machine learning as it has about cleaning, shaping data, and moving it from place to place.

Given that there are 50, sometimes 100, sometimes 200 people for each junior role, don’t compete with those people. Don’t do a degree in data science, don’t do a bootcamp (as a side note, most of the bootcamps I’ve seen have been ineffective and crunched way too much information in a short number of time for candidates to effectively get a feel for data science, but that’s a different, separate blog post).

Don’t do what everyone else is doing, because it won’t differentiate you. You’re competing against a stacked, oversaturated industry and just making things harder for yourself. In that same PWC report that I referenced earlier, the number of data science positions is estimated at 50k. The number of data engineering postings is 500k. The number of data analysts is 125k.

It’s much easier to come into a data science and tech career through the “back door”, i.e. starting out as a junior developer, or in DevOps, project management, and, perhaps most relevant, as a data analyst, information manager, or similar, than it is to apply point-blank for the same 5 positions that everyone else is applying to. It will take longer, but at the same time as you’re working towards that data science job, you’re learning critical IT skills that will be important to you your entire career.

Learn the skills needed for data science today

Here are some problems you’ll actually have to deal with in the data space:

1) Creating Python packages

2) Putting R in production

3) Optimizing Spark jobs so they run more efficiently

4) Version controlling data

5) Making models and data reproducible

6) Version controlling SQL

7) Building and maintaining clean data in data lakes

8) Tooling for time series forecasting at scale

9) Scaling sharing of Jupyter notebooks

10) Thinking about systems for clean data

11) Lots of JSON

A grey, grey day.

Darcy and I ran today at one of our favorite spots, Teller Farms. It was a very grey day and the snow flurries set in just as we finished. There is one tree on our run that always grabs my attention. It’s gnarly and gorgeous. It’s as if it’s reaching to the sky and has been for decades. Yet, still, it isn’t tired and hasn’t given up. The tree deserves a name. I’ll think of one.

Enjoy our morning run pics!

Home sweet home.

We’re headed home after visiting Los Angeles for a celebration of someone’s life and to visit family. A friend near and dear to our hearts passed; the world is a little less bright without Marna’s presence.

Nevertheless, we ventured to L.A. and back and I continued to seek beauty wherever I could find it. I snapped these two photos from our seats on the airplane. How gorgeous and how small we all are.

This is for you, Marna. A piece of beauty I’ll share in your honor.

The reason to eat ice cream.

There is only one reason to eat 99% of ice creams out there: rainbow sprinkles. The regular kind, not the nonpareils. Rainbow sprinkles make me smile. They make me giggle if I think about them for long enough. They’re a bit wild. All over the place in color, crunchy, but not that crunchy.

Mia, my niece, says sprinkles are absolutely yummy! She goes for chocolate on chocolate with a little bit more chocolate. Plus sprinkles. I go for sprinkles — rainbow only — with ice cream on the side. Truth be told, Mia subsists off of chocolate croissants, bagels and english muffins with butter, and hot chocolate. She is chocolate. I am the joy that is rainbow sprinkles.

Enough silliness for today. We’re off to enjoy Venice, CA!🍦


Mia’s love for chocolate led us to Blue Star Doughnuts where we found chocolate sprinkles. Similar, but different than the sprinkles above.

Here’s our Chocolate Editor in Chief:

The view a quarter mile from my (new) house.

Breathtaking, right? We moved to Louisville, CO at the beginning of this month. Our home is at the start of an extensive trail system. This pond is across the street from us. Heaven!

We don’t do expensive.

My morning runs land me in front of cool art, ads, scenery and people. Going to start sharing some of what I see as I wander the world in my running shoes.

D.C. in the rain.

I popped into D.C. for work and snapped this photo as I exited the cab to go to my hotel. For some reason, this photo is magical to me. It has a sense of wonder but also mystery.

My favorite breakfast.

I could live off this. Truth be told, I do. This is what I have for breakfast every single day I am home and Scott isn’t cooking up something delicious and elaborate. (He is picky about breakfast so anything he cooks for us for breakfast is luxurious and flavorful.)

Recipe entails three ingredients. Simplicity at its best! Ezekiel Bread + fresh almond butter + fresh berries. Welcome to heaven and don’t forget to pair it with a cup of jo.

The best measuring spoons.

Measuring-Spoons.jpgWe’re hardcore OXO fans. What’s not to love about their appealing and friendly design? We have their bowls, kitchen tools, measuring cups, and more. OXO is Simple Human’s long-lost cousin

. This week, though, OXO experience a sad day in history; I found a measuring spoon I like far more than what OXO offers.

Why are these spoons better? Simple, it’s dual-sided to fit both in narrow containers like spice jars and any other larger container. Instead of two sets of measuring spoons, we now have one. These spoons are color coded and there is no ring to secure the spoons together. It’s magnetic! I’m in love.

Check them out here on Amazon for $10.99 a set.